Sorokin Wins Governor’s Cup

Sacramento in September can only mean one thing for any nitro fan, the Governor’s Cup. The 41st edition would include the normal group of Northern California fuelers with a small dose of SoCal mixed in. The format for this years race would be different than in years past. No qualified field, no set pairings just good old Chicago Style! Two sessions with the quickest from each coming back to meet in the final.

The first session started off with Rick White and Adam Sorokin. White came out on top with a very nice 5.77 at 261 mph to Adam’s 5.95. Pair #2 pitted Sacramento Raceway veterans Bill Dunlap in Mike Patterson’s 426 Chrysler and Brendan Murry’s Chevy. The Mopar won this battle with a safe 6.01 with a car best speed of 261 mph. Murry had some traction issues and slowed to 8.40.The next pair saw Rick Williamson and Mike McLennan make their attempts to up the 5.77 put on the board by Rick White. Williamson gave it a good run and carded a 5.93 while sacrificing some aluminum. McLennan fell subject to tire smoke and slowed to 7.36.

The final pair of the first session was supposed to be Mark Malde in Arnold Birky’s Chevy and Mike Irwin in Dave Smith’s Nitro Fever. Irwin never made it to the water box after a reverser malfunction coupled with a broken clutch pedal stop resulted in a very scary accident that luckily resulted in no one being severely injured. Malde was immediately shut-off. Grant Meadors, the son of Good Guys president Marc Meadors was seriously hurt and ended up with a broken leg. Marc’s beautiful Pro-Mod Camaro received heavy damage, but can be repaired. All thoughts and prayers at this moment were with Grant Meadors. The good news is Grant is doing fine and is expected to make a full recovery. Malde did get to make his run and carded a conservative 6.52.

The second session ended up being a combination of sorts. Because of the delay, it was decided to include the final with the second session. The 2 low e.t’s from session 1 would meet while the rest of the cars would randomly pair up. That meant that White should face Williamson. Unfortunately Williamson hurt the motor bad enough in the first session that they were unable to return. That made Sorokin’s 5.95 good enough to face White in the money round. Dunalp, Murry & McLennan all experienced tractions problems. The final started out great, but both cars encountered the same traction issues that plagued the others. Sorokin smoked the tires about 500 feet, then White smoked the tires at 1000 ft. Unfortunately for White he clipped a timing cone in the process which gave the win to Sorokin.

AAFD would like to extend our best wishes to Grant Meadors and the entire Meadors family. We would also like to thank Dave Smith and Sacramento Raceway for their continued support. Next stop is the California Hot Rod Reunion at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, Oct 15-18.

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