Small Amount, Big Noise

Did you know that all of that noise you hear coming out of the exhaust pipes of an AA/Fuel Dragster engine is the result of an explosion of a very small amount of fuel?

At idle the amount of fuel being burned every time a cylinder fires is approximately 5.09 cubic centimeters per cylinder. If you were able to hold that amount of fuel in your hand it would be equivalent to a small cube about half the size of a single dice.

At wide open throttle the amount of fuel in the cylinder increases to about 9.4 cubic centimeters each time the cylinder fires. That would equate to a cube that is over one half inch (0.573 cubic inch) on all sides.

Although this sounds like a minute volume of fuel, keep in mind that the engine fires four cylinders each revolution of the crankshaft, and the engine runs at speeds up to (and over) 10,000 RPM. From the time the engine is started for a run, until it is shut off, a AA/Fuel Dragster will consume about 8-9 gallons of the Nitromethane and Methanol mixture. Of that amount less than two gallons is consumed during the actual run. The rest is used for the burnout, backing up, and staging the car.

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